Baby Zia - the wine daughter of "the most beautiful beauty in the Philippines" Marian Rivera - really surprised the public with her heavenly beauty even though she was only 7 years old.

Talking about the family of "the most beautiful beauty in the Philippines" Marian Rivera, the public will probably immediately think of the extremely beautiful genetic code. Not only the Marian couple, but also the little princess Zia and the son Sixto of this cult actress make the audience fall in love with their outstanding beauty. Especially since she was born, baby Zia has captivated thousands of fans with her angel-like face.

Worth mentioning, the latest image of the Marian daughter - Dingdong has become a hot topic on social networks and the cause comes from the baby's appearance. The little angel of the day has now become a remarkable 7-year-old girl with a beauty that surpasses even her mother's star in the same frame. Marian Rivera was originally known as the most beautiful beauty in the Philippines, but perhaps this title is about to slip into the hands of Zia. The girl, although only 7 years old, was able to make this Asia's leading beauty inferior when competing with each other, which made the public even more eager to look forward to Zia's more brilliant appearance when she became an adult.

Zia appeared in the latest picture taken with a beautiful mother, her perfect beautiful face immediately made the audience go crazy. The phoenix eyes are dreamy, the bridge of the nose is small, even Zia's eyebrows are perfect like a picture

Recently, fans have become more and more concerned about Zia's appearance when she was 7 years old. Admittedly, Zia has inherited the full beauty of her father and mother, especially Marian's soulful eyes and perfect nose bridge.

Since childhood, Zia has been the idol of millions of Asian audiences thanks to her angelic beauty. According to Philippine media, this girl has an incredibly high advertising salary, surpassing even her star mother. The audience also predicted Zia's bright future when she became a teenager, especially because she was oriented to become a star by her parents from a young age through advertising activities, magazine shoots, etc.

Zia's outstanding beauty when she was young

Source: Instagram, Facebook